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About Us


Markus Franz and Robert Young, who have been regular consumers in the vehicle rental sector, decided that the vehicle rental market needed a point of difference.

The inception of MR Car Hire was the result. 

MR Car Hire has acquired a fleet of Volvo Motor Vehicles and is in a position to offer these vehicles at prices that are highly competitive to other entry-level rental vehicles currently on offer, within this sector.

“Driven by Price and Quality”


Our vehicles go through an extensive checklist so that we may provide you with the comfort you need to make an educated decision in choosing the vehicle that is right for your lifestyle.

  • Markus has a sound history with and a passion for Volvo motor vehicles and has been technically involved with this brand for many years. Markus’ passion for the brand is channelled into ensuring that each and every Volvo in the fleet is meticulously maintained, so as to ensure every customer has a comfortable, safe and hassle free rental experience.
  • Robert has over 15 Years International experience and as many years local experience in Business Development and Customer Service, He is totally focused on providing customers with a quality proposition and will ensure that the dynamism of this company enables it to evolve with the needs of the renter.
  • Markus and Robert are, by nature, outgoing and people orientated folk and when they are not out exploring South Africa’s roads on their bicycles, they are at their happiest in sharing ideas and thoughts with existing and potential customers.
  • They look forward to sharing their ideas with you….and wish you many happy rental miles in their Volvo’s!



Robert Young
Markus Franz
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